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Rakesh Chaudhary

Chairman & Managing Director

Rakesh Chaudhary is a sociable businessman who believes in simple living and high thinking with austerity as a cardinal principle of his life. He is an avid nature lover who has always been fascinated by green exotic environment for healthy living. Despite having been born in a modest Defence family, Rakesh chose Real Estate Sector as his career because of his love for nature and greenery, with the aim of providing a quality of life in natural environment to his family as well as to his clients. This thought has germinated a passion for developing Film City Farms after having worked in the Real Estate Sector since last 13 years. Before venturing into his independent project, he acquired deep knowledge and proper experience as a Director in partnership with WinstenPark Real Es tate Project of VHR Group. He has a great fascination for Entertainment World too. His passion in this field gave birth to Delhiwood Studios Pvt. Ltd. which produced a Punjabi Film” Hard Kaur” in 2017- a big hit not only in India but overseas too in countries like Canada, U.K. and U.S.A.

Suresh Chaudhary

Chief Executive Officer


Suresh Chaudhary is a graduate of Delhi University and belongs to a modest Army family. A go-getter with a positive attitude, Suresh is ever ready to go to any limits of his professionalism in the interest of the organization and for the welfare of his fellow employees. He has experience of 11 years in the Real Estate Sector. Entertainment World is very close to his heart and he has been instrumental in the creation of Delhiwood Pvt. Ltd. and producing the Punjabi movie “Hard Kaur” which was a big hit.

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